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Magic Wart Cream has amazing results that surpass other products.  

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I just want to thank you for this product. I began getting warts on my feet and hands about 3-4 years ago when I was about 24. I spent lots of time and hundreds of dollars treating them with over-the-counter products and also trips to the dermatologist to have them burned off. The same warts kept coming back in the same spots. Finally after severely burning myself with liquid nitrogen that I had gotten a hold of, I decided to give up on treating them and was just going to live with it(I over-froze the wart and burned the flesh beneath the skin. That required a trip to Urgent Care. I had damaged my flesh and now had to fight the infection with antibiotics.) …. Fast forward a year: The warts on my feet were out of control. They were huge and uncomfortable. One donut wart was the size of a quarter. I had to do something because I could not handle it any longer and no one I knew had seen warts like this. I heard of your product from a nurse I go to. I began using Magic Wart Cream as directed and probably put it on for about 4 out of every 5 days for about 3 weeks or so when the warts literally softened up in the shower and came off/out of my skin over the course of a couple days. I then stopped using the cream since the spots were tender. I had assumed I would have to begin using it again, but to my surprise the warts did not come back. This has now been about 5 -6 months. I had probably 12 warts, half of which were large and uncomfortable and now I have none.


Thank you!


Charlie Newcomer, Broker


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